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The Startup Asia Bandung 2012 Hackathon will be different from our previous Startup Asia conferences. It will focus solely on a 24-hour hackathon — code and design focused. Those are two of the many things that made Bandung what it is today: a city that strives for the best in technology and design.

Bandung has much to offer to the region. But its technical superiority isn’t well publicized. Home to many universities, it is the alma mater of many technical and UX leaders who are rising stars in Indonesia. Its community of developers deserves to be celebrated, which is why we’re excited to run this hackathon in the very heart of Bandung.

This hackathon will follow an open-and-fun concept, allowing developers to code on the platform of their choice. The top three overall winners will be selected based on the application’s usability and design. Bonus prizes will be offered by our API and platform supporters to incentivize usage and also to make the battle more fun. Head over here to check out our list of prizes.

What:The Startup Asia tradition will live on. We will still have our Arena competition at this hackathon, but things will be a little different. The teams who will battle on stage are selected from the pool of developers after 24 hours of hacking. Unfortunately half-baked ideas and products will not be able to make it to Arena. We seriously do hope to have everyone on stage to pitch but that’s not too possible with so many hacks to consider!

Who:We are looking for developers, designers, and a handful of business folks to join this hackathon. Whether you’re a seasoned hacker or a newcomer, don’t be afraid to step up and learn with the community. You can either form a group prior to the hackathon or crash someone’s group.


At our Startup Asia Jakarta Hackathon in June 2012.