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Arena is a pitching competition held within every Startup Asia conference. For Start Asia Bandung we will pick teams with solid product from the Hackathon to pitch on stage.

Each selected team will be given 90 seconds to pitch. The sequence of the pitch should be something like this:

  1. State which Challenge you have worked on
  2. Problem that you’re solving (if applicable)
  3. App demo
  4. How you have used the listed APIs

Our judges will give score based on (total 100 pts):

  1. Quality of pitch (10 pts)
  2. Design (30 pts)
  3. Use of APIs (30 pts)
  4. Business and/or social benefit potential (30 pts)

A quick pitch clinic will be conducted on the day of the event to help everyone to get prepared. Note that power pointpoint slides are banned for Arena. You can demo through a visualizer, your laptop, or through your mobile device (with VGA cable). See here for rules and FAQs.

Judges: Click here to find out more.