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Hackathon at Startup Asia Bandung: 600 Developers, 128 teams, 24 Hours of Fun


Our Startup Asia Bandung Hackathon finally kicked off yesterday. More than 600 developers have signed up, forming 128 teams who will code and design at the Landmark Convention Hall in the city for 24 hours. Though we had some problems with the internet connection (which is very common in Indonesia) everyone was still able to code their hearts out to beat the challenges set by our sponsors.

The event started smoothly with a lot of developers coming early to the event. Some developers came with their teammates while others chose to come alone and partner with one of the available teams there. Surprisingly, most of the participants aren’t even from Bandung. There are folks coming from Jakarta, Bogor, and Depok. We even had one participant who flew all the way from Japan to compete in this hackathon. Here are some interesting facts about the participants we’ve gathered so far:

The All Female Team of I-Tech

There are around 50 participants coming from the Jakarta-based I-Tech community. The all-female team from I-Tech said that the high number of participants made the event both fun and intimidating. This is the first hackathon for the girls, and they hope to learn a lot from this competition. They plan to build a banking-related app here. They’re not yet sure what challenge they want to beat.


Keisuke Who Flew All the Way From Japan!

We also have an interesting participant who came all the way from Japan to compete in the hackathon: Keisuke. This guy came to Bandung alone and was looking for a UX designer. He is looking to build an interesting Android game.


Keisuke on the right

Student Developers

We talked to two groups that come from the University of Indonesia. Not only did they share the same table, but they also shared the same enthusiasm for the competition – they all looked very busy with their laptops even before the event had started. The teams are looking to build a traditional mobile game called “Gobak Sodor” and a web-based application to educate children with games. They will go with the flow regarding the challenge they plan to beat.

All-Mac Users Team

This one is interesting, there were two teams whose weapons of choice ran on Macintosh. They were all sitting at the same table, but they came from two different cities: Jakarta and Bogor. The two teams called themselves the “Anargya” and “Flockstarter.”

They both plan to take on the Tiket challenge. Anargya will create an application that enables users to easily invite their friends to watch a movie together. Flockstarter aspires to create a social network for travelers to encourage people to travel more. Anargya and Flockstarter explained that the beautiful user interface, flexibility with Linux web servers, and virus-free features are the reasons they chose to use Macintosh.

Here’s some pics from the hackathon:

And for your information, here’s the list of 128 groups who are competing in this hackathon:

More coming from them later today!

PS: We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for making this event happen: KotaGames, XL, Biznet, DeNA, Softlayer, Cacoo, Teamie,, Vserv, GEPI, SixReps, Tiket, Lazada, Intel, and East Ventures Alpah. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated demo day later!

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