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1. Will food be provided?

Yes! – Dinner and supper for Day 1. Breakfast and lunch for Day 2, including a surprise midnight supper party. There will also be a free flow of coffee and snacks to keep you awake.

2. Is this Hackathon only for experienced developers?

No. Anyone can participate.

3. Will there be hands-on guidance for the Hackathon?

We do have consultants for each API and platform. But they will most likely be very busy. Don’t expect hands on help, do expect quick but thoughtful advice.

4. What should we bring?

a. Laptop with charger
b. For mac users, please bring your VGA cable for pitches
c. Extra clothing
d. Toiletries

Optional stuff:
a. Mobile phones of the platform you want to code for.
b. Personal mobile internet
c. Water bottle for drinks

5. How can we form groups?

You can either form groups with your own friends or crash someone’s group when you’re there.

6. What is the judging criteria?

It’s simple – based on usability and design. Bonus points will be given for good pitch and an app built to solve real-world problem.

7. How long is the pitch?

90 seconds. No powerpoint slides are allowed.

8. So how the hell do we pitch?

Simple. You can pitch/demo through a visualizer (provided by us), your laptop, or through your mobile device.

9. Do we have to use at least one of the APIs available at the hackathon?

Yes, you will have to use at least one API and opt for at least one challenge at this hackathon.

10. Are we allowed to make a complete Game Design Document before the Hackathon start?

Yes. That should be fine. Planning is okay but no lines of code should be written prior to this hackathon

11. Are we allowed to use game engine during the hackathon? (E.g. Cocos2d, Unity 3D)

Yes, that’s fine.

12. For designer/artist, may we bring our own design tools (E.g. Wacom) to the Hackathon?

Yes, that’s fine.

13. Are we allowed to do some research related to some available technology that we would like to use in the game? (Writing some code to know how and what can the technology do) and then use them in the hackathon?

Yes, testing is fine.

14. Is googling (for source code and references) allowed?

Yes, that’s fine.

Feel free to ask question Willis any question through email at willis[at]