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Hackathon Tips From a Hackathon Addict


Self-confessed hackathon addict, Zac Bowling took part in 80 over hackathons and won quite a few of them (he lost the one which he is featured in the video below though). So obviously he has some tips to share. Here are just a couple:

1. Hacks that are viable to become a product (Useful apps)

2. Good design will capture the judges’ attention

3. A flashy demo!

Should someone sleep during a hackathon? Zac says it depends. He would usually check out what others have built and if he felt that he was ahead of the rest, he would take rest.

There’s nothing really to prepare for a hackathon. Perhaps, the only thing is to look through what APIs and challenges are offered to better plan what you want to build (our list coming soon!). It is also important to come in with a fresh, creative, and open mind. Make friends, compete, and have fun!

[Image credit: Pauloricca.com]

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