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  • You can formulate and plan your hack idea beforehand, but no code should be written before the Hackathon starts

  • No restriction to group numbers, but 3 to 4 members should suffice. Think twice before going any higher than that.

  • One team, one product. No more than that.

  • You can code in any language and for any platform. No restrictions.

  • No outsourcing is allowed. Every line of code and every pixel should be done within your group and during the hackathon itself

  • Asking for advice from APIs, platform, and language supporters is encouraged.

  • Everyone has to stay overnight at the Hackathon to ensure all work is done within the premises and the 24 hours. Sleep area is provided.

  • No powerpoint slides should be used for pitch. Cut the bullshit. Head on straight to demo. You only have 90 seconds.

  • If any one of the rules above is broken, the entire team will be disqualified. Of course, we’re not going to have police wandering around; so we’re trusting in your integrity. Don’t ruin the competition for everyone else.

More questions, check out our FAQs here.