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Startup Asia Bandung Hackathon in an Infographic

We can’t thank everyone enough for your support at last weekend’s Startup Asia Bandung Hackathon. We had great fun over the 24 hours that we spent with you there, and congratulations again to all the winning developers.

We’re still learning to make our next hackathons even better for you guys, and we’re sorry for all the various mishaps that happened during the event – things like dodgy internet connections. Anyway, to round things up, here is an infographic of the Bandung Hackathon in terms of who took part and what people were chattering about on Twitter during the event. One of the top five words discussed on Twitter under our hashtag was “Pizza.” We guess you loved that surprise we gave you – well, courtesy of our sponsor Softlayer, to be precise!

Looking over the apps that the assembled 500+ developers made in 100+ teams, it’s interesting to see that Android or web apps were the priority – and that more opted to develop for Windows Phone than for iOS.

Thank you to the Piktochart team for making this infographic for us. We’ve put the embed code below if you’d like to republish it.

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