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Startup Arena Jakarta 2012: All 16 Startup Pitches [VIDEOS]

It’s been a week since we concluded our Startup Asia Jakarta 2012 event. It was really an awesome experience for us, and a million thanks go to the local Indonesian tech/startup community which has given the Tech in Asia team great support for the past couple of months. We wouldn’t have pulled this off if not for you guys. So cheers!

And yes, we’ve been receiving requests for video footage of our Startup Arena segment, and we’ve put them together using Storify below, like we previously did for Startup Arena Singapore. The videos come thanks to our fellow blogger, Masaru Ikeda, who helped record and upload to YouTube for those who weren’t present. He didn’t bring professional gear – he was rocking his iPhone again – but we still think they’re great, and we thought we’d share.

The pitches improved leading up to the event, from the first submission many weeks ago to the competition day finale. I think the teams participating and our own Willis Wee did a great job on this. Kudosto all 16 startup teams! So much effort was well worth it!

[View the story “Startup Arena Jakarta: Startup Pitches” on Storify]

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