08.30 — 09.25 | Registration and Networking
Coffee and tea provided for early birds. Beat the queue and get your passes early.
09.25 — 09.30 | Welcome Address by Tech in Asia
Opening speech from Gwendolyn Regina T, Head of Business Development, APAC at Tech in Asia.
09.30 — 09.45 | Keynote: Creating Our Own Silicon Valley
One does not have to go to Silicon Valley to experience the vibrancy of an entrepreneurial cluster. In Singapore and many cities in Asia, you can already find blooming clusters and inspiring startups. Get thoughts on regional developments and how Singapore’s entrepreneurial landscape has transformed over the years from Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Singapore.
09.45 — 10.15 | Fireside Chat: The Rise Of VNG To Be Vietnam's Top Consumer Tech Company
VNG is one of Vietnam’s most successful Internet companies. With its multiple products running the gamut from games to e-commerce to social media, VNG sees tens of millions of Vietnamese use its products to connect to content and friends. With more than $90 million in revenue in 2012, and over one thousand employees, VNG is able to continue to build and scale products that permeate many aspects of a digital citizen's life in Vietnam, a country with a 90 million population. We speak to co-founder and CEO, Le Hong Minh, to find out VNG's expansion plans both within and outside Vietnam.

Interviewer:Willis Wee, Tech in Asia

10.15 — 10.30 | Keynote: Why You Need To Pay Attention To The Japanese Startup Ecosystem
Over the last couple of years, Japan has seen the boom of new startups, and, they are growing fast. With a population of 137 million and a consumer market famed for its willingness and ability to pay (Japanese users are one of the highest paying customers on app stores), Japan is not a market to be ignored. Hear from Wantedly's founder and CEO, Akiko Naka, on the latest happenings in the Japanese startup scene.
10.30 — 11.00 | Break and Networking
Grab your business cards and network. Don't miss this rare chance to meet with prominent investors and entrepreneurs at Startup Asia!  
11.00 — 11.30 | Fireside Chat: Hootsuite’s Story And The Not-So-Quiet Start To Quietly
Over 16 years and from across Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles, Dario Meli has co-founded several successful outfits including Invoke, BrightKit, and HootSuite, his most recent venture. From social media management in Hootsuite to people-based social recommendations in Dario's latest startup, Quietly, Dario has made it his business to use tech to connect people socially. We'll interview Dario to hear about his journey with Hootsuite and hear how Quietly started not with a whimper, but with a bang.

Interviewer: Josh Horwitz, Tech in Asia

11.30 — 12.15 | Discussion: E-commerce Giants In Southeast Asia
Consumer spending on e-commerce sites in Asia is set to surpass half a trillion dollars - US$525.5 billion to be exact - by the end of 2014. In Southeast Asia alone in 2013, tech investments were pretty much dominated by e-commerce startups , and it looks like it’s heading in that same direction in 2014. This panel brings together several e-commerce giants in Southeast Asia to discuss the state and growth of the industry, what challenges e-commerce and m-commerce face and what opportunities there are.


  • Hyun Wook Cho (Country Manager, Qoo10 Singapore)
  • Kelvin Lee (Business Development Director, Southeast Asia, Taobao International Business)
  • Magnus Grimeland (Managing Director and Founder, Zalora Group)
  • Saemin Ahn (Managing Partner at Rakuten Ventures)

Moderator: Oliver Segovia (Founder and CEO, Ava.ph)

12.15 — 13.45 | Lunch and Networking
Eat, be merry and mingle. The key person you want to meet might be dishing from that same salad platter. 
13.45 — 14.00 | Keynote: Hardware Is The New Software
The line between hardware and software is blurring. With the rise of high quality rapid prototyping tools and the democratization of funding, hardware-software devices have proliferated and so has the number of startups in the space. In this keynote session, we'll hear more about the future of hardware from Min-Liang Tan, co-founder, CEO and Creative Director of Razer.
14.00 — 14.30 | Fireside Chat: It's Razer's Game
Razer's leadership in high-performance entertainment devices and software was not without accident - having its co-founder, CEO and Creative Director, Min-Liang Tan named as one of "The 25 Most Creative People in Tech" by the Business Insider together with Jonathan Ive of Apple is but one of the many marks of recognition bestowed upon Razer and its team. In this Fireside Chat, we'll interview the Singapore-born, San Francisco-based entrepreneur and find out how Razer has continued to sharpen its craft to bring high quality devices to grateful gamers across the world.

Interviewer: Gwendolyn Regina T, Tech in Asia

14.30 — 15.10 | Discussion: Building Hardware Companies in Southeast Asia
The world is experiencing a hardware renaissance in the age of Internet of Things. We have witnessed Pebble breaking Kickstarter records, and the sale of Nest to Google for an eye-watering $3.2B. Despite hardware being the new sexy, we got to admit that building a hardware startup is anything but easy. Limited funding sources and long product iteration cycle leaves little room for mistake. Nevertheless, we are seeing an emergence of new devices and gadgets from the region. This panel aims to shed light on the difficulties faced by four hardware founders on the backdrop of the ecosystem of Southeast Asia, and how they have overcome these challenges.


Moderator: Eddy Lee (Principal, Fenox Venture Capital)

15.10 — 15.25 | Keynote: Reaching Myanmar's 60 Million People
Until now, there have been three primary barriers to the expansion of online services in Myanmar; politics, infrastructure and culture. The first two barriers have been largely scaled, the government has committed to path toward democracy, while investment in infrastructure continues to skyrocket. The last remaining hurdle, and arguably the toughest, is culture. How do we bring digital content to a country that has been largely excluded from the international society for over 60 years? Join Rita Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Squar.asia, as she shares some of the challenges and surprises she's learned while trying to untap this incredible new market.
15.25 — 15.30 | Day 1 Conference Closing Remarks
 We'll summarize Day 1 and brief you about Day 2.  
15.30 — 16.00 | Break and Networking
Grab your business cards and network. Don't miss this rare chance to meet with prominent investors and entrepreneurs at Startup Asia! 
16.00 — 17.00 | Breakout Sessions (Sponsored)
We will have special breakout tracks by Softlayer, Millennial Media and Samsung Media Solutions Centre.

Mobile Advertising Trends to look out for the Second Half of 2014 (Held on Level 4, Exploration Theatre)

Presented by Lichi Wu, Director of Global Monetisation Solutions. This session is sponsored by Millennial Media.

Bootstrapping with Samsung! (Held on Level 4, Creation Theatre)

During this session, participants will get to learn about Samsung and our growing platforms + ecosystem. We will look to share an overview of Samsung SDKs, talk about existing developer opportunities to work and scale with Samsung as well as do a walk through of two current products.

This session is sponsored by Samsung.

Starting, Growing, Expanding on The Cloud: Faster, Easier, Economical (Held on Level 2M, Aspiration Theatre)

One of the biggest challenges for startups, irrespective of the industry, is having a strong, high-performing, scalable infrastructure. infrastructure on the cloud brings together on-demand, dedicated compute power —servers, storage and networking— in a pay-as-you-go model. Whether a business is a start-up or is testing new ideas, companies with innovative solutions need to remain competitive, innovative and above all agile. IaaS, through public, private clouds or dedicated bare metal servers, is the perfect solution.

In addition to sharing stories from startups across Asia and the globe who have built their business on the cloud, the speaker will also share how startups can go from zero to 60 with resources and support from Catalyst, SoftLayer’s Startup Program. Catalyst will bring you tangible resources to start a company and equip it for success and growth through Monthly Hosting Credit, Mentoring and Marketing Resources.

Presented by Casey Lau, Community Development Manager, APAC, Softlayer Technologies. This session is sponsored by Softlayer.

17.00 — 18.00 | Breakout: Market Expansion Tracks
Looking to expand across Asia? These country-focused breakout tracks at the end of Day One will enable you to meet key individuals and companies that can help you expand into Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Register your interest here.


  • Italo Gani, Co-founder and CEO of ADSKOM
  • Andry Suhaili, Founder and CEO of Price Area
  • Andi S. Boediman, Director at Ideosource
  • Iwan Tjam, CEO of INDOMOG
  • Vichi Lestari, Lawyer, Mediator, and Consultant for International Industrial Cooperation at Trias Consultant


  • Masaru Ikeda, Co-founder of The Bridge
  • Akiko Naka, Founder/CEO of Wantedly


  • Spencer Ng, Digital/Mobile Lead at TNS Singapore
  • Satish Bakda, COO of Rikvin
  • Meng Weng Wong, Founder of JFDI.Asia
  • Jori Messer, Commercial Director at Regus


  • Pawoot (Pom) Pongvitayapanu, Managing Director and Founder of Rakuten TARAD.com and President of Thai E-Commerce Association
  • Melisa Uremovic, Partner, Rajah & Tann LPP
  • Oranuch (Mimee) Lerdsuwankij, Co-founder of Thumbsup
  • Patai Padungtin, Principal/Evangelist at Builk


  • Brian Ng, Partner, Rajah & Tann LCT Lawyers
  • Thuy Thanh Truong, Co-founder and CEO of Tappy.co
  • Tomo Huynh, CTO of Taembe.vn
  • Trieu Nguyen, CEO of YouNet Media


  • Indonesia: Enrico Lukman, Tech in Asia
  • Japan: Josh Horwitz, Tech in Asia
  • Singapore: Terence Lee, Tech in Asia
  • Thailand: Saiyai Sakawee, Tech in Asia
  • Vietnam: Anh-Minh Do, Tech in Asia



08.30 — 09.25 | Networking
Get your morning cuppa and start mingling! 
09.25 — 09.30 | Day 2 Opening Remarks by Tech in Asia
We welcome you to Day 2 of Startup Asia. It just gets better. 
09.30 — 10.00 | Fireside Chat: Viki's Backstory And Its Rakuten Sequel
Crowdsourced video subtitling and streaming site ViKi's purported USD 200 million acquisition by Japanese conglomerate Rakuten, took the Southeast Asian technology startup scene by storm. These days, this deal has been often quoted as an indication of the maturing of the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem: with quality startups being built here that has concretely piqued the interest of big corporates. We'll find out more about ViKi's growth and trajectory leading up to the acquisition from co-founder and CEO Razmig Hovaghimian, but also hear more about how it is doing now after being subsumed under Rakuten.

Interviewer: Saiyai Sakawee, Tech in Asia

10.00 — 10.30 | Fireside Chat: How MyRepublic Is Fighting Against The Giants
Upstart MyRepublic is an internet service provider in Singapore that provides high-speed fibre optic web connections for consumers and enterprises, competing with incumbent telco giants on their turf. We chat with co-founder and CEO, Malcolm Rodrigues to learn how he came to start MyRepublic and how the company has been fighting the giants.

Interviewer: Terence Lee, Tech in Asia

10.30 — 11.00 | Break and Networking
Another break for you to meet with investors, entrepreneurs and developers at Startup Asia!  
11.00 — 11.30 | Fireside Chat: How Gumi Plans To Dominate The Mobile Gaming World
One of Japanese's largest game developers, mobile game company Gumi has millions of dollars and developed more than 35 mobile games across several platforms. We chat with Gumi's founder and CEO Hironao Kunimitsu on the company's future plans to take the mobile gaming world.

Interviewer: Willis Wee, Tech in Asia

11.30 — 12.00 | Fireside Chat: Redmart's Reinvention Of Grocery Shopping In Singapore
Roger Egan III and Vikram Rupani, co-founders of RedMart, have reinvented online grocery shopping in Singapore. Targeting the USD 5 billion market, Redmart has seen a slew of big name investors including Toivo Annus of Skype, Eduardo Saverin of Facebook and other highly prominent local entrepreneurs and investors. In this session, we'll chat with Roger and Vikram to share their experiences in growing their company, raising funds and learn about their expansion plans.

Interviewer: Vanessa Tan, Tech in Asia

12.00 — 13.30 | Lunch and Networking
Eat, be merry and mingle. The key person you want to meet might be dishing from that same salad platter. 
13.30 — 14.00 | Debate: The Future of Bitcoin in Asia
Bitcoin is one of the most controversial topics in the world right now. Not only is it started by a mysterious unknown man, but it’s also hailed as a disruptor of finance, governments, legal systems, payment models, and more. The rise of Bitcoin – and all other cryptocurrencies – has forced us to take a look at the fallacies in our current transactional structures and it potentially decentralizes financial systems that have been in place for centuries. With cryptocurrency having such a huge impact on these systems, there’s of course going to be people on different sides of the fence and during this debate, we'll bring you two debaters - one on each side of the Bitcoin fence - arguing "for" and "against" Bitcoin.



  • Gwendolyn Regina T, Tech in Asia
  • Terence Lee, Tech in Asia

14.00 — 14.15 | Keynote: It Is The Fast That Eats The Slow - Disruption From Telcos To Banking To Anything
Meet Taavet Hinrikus, first employee at Skype, and founder of Transferwise. Hear from his experience of building and growing disruptive global platforms like Skype and Transferwise.
14.15 — 14.30 | Keynote: Dear Southeast Asian Founder
Still less than 30 years of age, Khailee Ng has already built and sold two companies. He is now a Venture Partner with 500 Startups, but will speak about his founding experience, and debunk myths about building successful startups in Southeast Asia.
14.30 — 15.00 | Fireside Chat: How Xiaomi Became A $10 Billion Startup In 2 Years
Xiaomi redefined the Chinese smartphone market by launching an extremely powerful smartphone running on a smartly-designed Android skin at a price almost anyone could afford. Other companies have since followed Xiaomi into the cheap-smartphone fray, but the company’s success has proved difficult to copy while Xiaomi continues to power forward with launching the smartphone into other Asian markets as well as putting out various other devices. The company is currently valued at over 10 billion USD and has over 3000 employees. How did it get so far in just four years? We speak to Hugo Barra, VP for Xiaomi Global.

Interviewer: Willis Wee, Tech in Asia

15.00 — 15.30 | Break and Networking
Grab your business cards and network. Don't miss this rare chance to meet with prominent investors and entrepreneurs at Startup Asia! 
15.30 — 17.30 | Arena Battle
Arena selects the best startups from around Asia to battle on the Startup Asia grand stage. The winner gets US$10,000, enough to feed a two-person team for at least 6 months if spent frugally. 
17.30 — 17.45 | Keynote: Making The Lean Startup Methodology Work in Asia
What lies ahead for our startups? Meng Weng Wong, co-founder at JFDI.Asia, draws on his experience accelerating over 40 startups in Singapore to peek into the future. Which of Startup Asia's stars will become the next billion-dollar company, and which will fall by the wayside? Meng finds clues in the latest theories about innovation-driven entrepreneurship and insight-based investing. Then: what's next for the startups? Meng will take us on a quick tour of the Lean Startup methodology, the hypothesis-driven, iterative-development method of building products and businesses that has taken the world by storm. Does Lean work in Asia? Can Lean work for today's startups? Will Lean work for you?
17.45 — 18.00 | Arena Prize Presentation / End of Conference
 We write a (large) check to the winner of Arena, pass them the winner's trophy, and bid farewell to all Startup Asia participants. See you all at the after-party... and in Singapore again in 2015!
18.00 — 20.30 | 'Next-to-the-Skin' A Wearable + Technology Exhibition and Smart Wear Runway Showcase (Sponsored) (Organized by ETPL)
 “Next to the Skin” is a Wearable Technology showcase featuring concepts that integrate the exciting realms of technology, fashion, smart fabrics and data analytics. This event is proudly presented by ETPL, in collaboration with NTU’s School of Arts, Design and Media. Come and be wowed! Sign up here.


Note: Depending on speakers' availability, the Agenda might change without prior notice.

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