meetAt Tech in Asia, we receive tons of pitches from companies to write about their products. But cold emails don't work as well as face-to-face meetups. This speed-dating session is a chance for you to meet Tech in Asia's bloggers, where you can pitch your startup and share more about your company's journey.

Each startup will take a queue number and wait for their turn, you will have a maximum of 5 minutes to pitch to Tech in Asia's bloggers. Our bloggers have the right to terminate the pitch at any point so please make sure you are able to make the best use of your 5 minutes to increase your chance of a successful pitch.

Remember that we have a duty to our readers of Tech in Asia too, so while your startup might be interesting and we would love to write about it, it may not necessarily be newsworthy for us to be able to do so. Please read: When should startups seek media coverage? And when not to?. And, Here’s how to come out unscathed when being interviewed by a tech journalist.

Come meet us during these hours:

Day 1, 7th May: 2-5pm
Day 2, 8th May: 1-330pm

  • One pavilion will be built for the Meet The Bloggers section where both bloggers and startups will sit around a table.
  • Registration will open 15 minutes before the Meet The Bloggers session on each of the two days.
  • Startups will be given queue numbers at the Meet The Bloggers podium and those awaiting their turns will be seated at the waiting area.
  • Only 30 queue numbers will be issued for each Meet The Bloggers Session.
  • Due to overwhelming response, participants who are unable to get queue numbers to meet our bloggers in person may still email Tech in Asia your pitch. Be sure to check out these 5 Mistakes Startups Make When Emailing Journalists.
  • For participants who have missed their queue numbers, they can proceed to the Meet The Bloggers podium, but they will be placed at the last of the queue.
  • Registration will close by the first 30 minutes of each Meet the Bloggers session.
  • Each pitch can only last up to maximum of 5 minutes. Be sure you’ve got your pitch ready before you start; bloggers have the right to stop the pitch at any point. This is to ensure that all startups can get a chance to pitch.
  • Startups are allowed to present their pitches using laptops or other mobile devices.
  • In order to keep track of time during the 5 minutes pitch, Startup Asia Singapore's assistants will be displaying coloured time cards to inform you of the time left. Assistants will ring the bell when the time is up.
    • Green card: You have 5 minutes.
    • Yellow card: You have 3 minutes left.
    • Red Card: Last 1 minute left. Please conclude.

Above all, remember that we are humans too and would love to support you the best we can. We look forward to hearing your pitches!

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