Bootstrap Alley

Want To Exhibit For Free?

The Bootstrap Alley component of each Tech in Asia Conference is always popular – filled with more than 100 startups getting their word out to attending investors, media, and corporates. We have always needed to reject some good startups because we inadvertently end up being oversubscribed without sufficient space for them all. Furthermore, we find that the crowd at the exhibition area tapers off on the second day because they’re perusing the same set of startups. We hope to change this for the Singapore edition this year.

For the first time ever at Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, having your startup exhibit with a booth will be completely free, but it will only be for one day!


Key Benefits

Product and Market Testing with 3,000+ International Early Adopters

Unparalleled opportunity to test your products and get feedback from tech-savvy early adopters around Asia.

Fantastic Face-to-Face Marketing and Sales Opportunities

When it comes to making a business purchase decision, nothing can compete with face-to-face interaction. Engage directly with potential new customers at Bootstrap Alley.

Exposure to Hundreds of Investors, Corporate Buyers, and M&A Departments

Meet international investors looking for promising, innovative startups to invest in; and corporate buyers and M&A departments looking to purchase technologies and startups.

How To Register?

The requirements for this is that you must apply for your booth and if you get it, to be eligible to claim it, you must have purchased a Startup Pass to the conference. At time of your application, you need not have purchased your pass. You can purchase it after you’ve been notified of your successful application.

It is a rolling application process and we will inform you within two weeks of your submission if you’ve gotten your free booth. If you are successful in obtaining your free booth and if you have your pass, you will get one day to exhibit with the booth.

For all attendees, this means a different set of startups to get to know each day such that all in, we’ll have double the number of startups, and twice the fun!


Applications Are Now Closed.

We hope you have enjoyed Tech in Asia Singapore 2015! Next up ... We're heading to Tokyo in September! Find Out More