19:00 - 21:30 | Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 Welcome Dinner - Delivered by PayPal (CLOSED)

We regret to inform that application for the welcome dinner is closed. 

This event is FREE for all Startup Asia Tokyo attendees to attend, mainly to network and get acquainted with everyone before the actual conference begins.

After you have registered for the conference, you will receive an email to RSVP for the welcome dinner.


08.30 — 09.25 | Registration and Networking

Be early for registration. The early bird catches the worm.

09.25 — 09.30 | Welcome Address (EN)

By: Andrew Wang, Head of Japan at Tech in Asia

09.30 — 09.45 | Keynote: Building a global business from Japan (JP)

Speaker: Tomoko Namba, founder and board member, DeNA

09.45 — 10.15 | Fireside chat: DeNA's founding story and its challenges ahead (EN)

Speaker: Tomoko Namba, founder and board member, DeNA

Interviewer: David Corbin, reporter, Tech in Asia

10.15 — 10.30 | Keynote: Why Southeast Asia is the next hot spot for Japanese businesses? (JP)

Speaker: Anis Uzzaman, General Partner, Founding Member, and CEO, Fenox Venture Capital

10.30 — 10.50 | Break and Networking

It’s time to take a break from your busy schedule. Grab coffee, network.

10.50 — 11.05 | Asia startup showcase: Luxola (EN)

Founder: Alexis Horowitz-Burdick
Founded: 2011
Brief: is the largest cosmetics ecommerce site in Southeast Asia.
Investors: Transcosmos, F&H Fund Management, Tholons Capital, Queensbridge Ventures, GREE Ventures, Wavemaker Labs
Headquarter: Singapore
Capital raised: $13+ million

11.05 — 11.20 | Asia startup showcase: Touchten (JP)

Founder: Anton Soeharyo
Founded: 2009
Brief: Touchten produces fun, top ranking smartphone game with real rewards. We have over 20 titles and over 9 Million downloads to date.
Investors: Ideosource, CyberAgent Ventures, TMS Entertainment, UOB Venture Management
Headquarter: Jakarta, Indonesia
Capital raised: Undisclosed

11.20 — 11.50 | Fireside chat: Building a Silicon Valley style startup in Tokyo, the Gengo way (EN)

Speakers: Robert Laing, CEO and co-founder at Gengo

Interviewer: Paul Bischoff, editor, Tech in Asia

11.50 — 12.30 | Discussion: Is it time for Japanese corporations to get involved in the startup scene? (JP)

• Kensuke Okabe, chief planning director at Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.
• Yoichiro “Pina” Hirano, founder and CEO at Infoteria Corporation
• Yoshihiko Kawamura, senior vice president at Mitsubishi Corporation
• Yoichiro Hamazaki, GM, corporate planning and strategy Office, Infocom Corporation
• Yoshiaki Ishii, Director for New Business Policy Office at Ministry Of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

• Ken Koyanagi, publisher of the Nikkei Asian Review

12.30 — 13.45 | Lunch and Networking

It’s lunch time, better yet it’s crunch time.

13.45 — 14.00 | Asia startup showcase: Metaps (JP)

Founder: Katsuaki Sato
Founded: 2007
Brief: Metaps is a data driven app monetization platform, whose network apps have amassed over 1 billion downloads
Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan
Investors: Fidelity Growth Partners Japan, Sansei Capital Investment, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Venture Capital, and more
Capital raised: $16.5 Million

14.00 — 14.15 | Keynote: It's still sexy to invest in China (EN)

Speaker: Akio Tanaka, co-founder and managing partner, Infinity Venture Partners

14.15 — 14.45 | Fireside chat: How a frustrated real estate agent started Japan’s largest property portal (JP)

Speaker: Takashi Inoue, CEO and founder at NEXT Co., Ltd

Interviewer: Yoichi Shinohara, Editor-In-Chief, Nikkei Business Daily (Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun)

14.45 — 15.25 |Discussion: Why are Japanese investors investing in Southeast Asia? (JP)

• Batara Eto, co-founder and managing partner at East Ventures
• Tatsuo Tsutsumi, Partner at GREE Ventures
• Tommy Matsuo, Director, Transcosmos (Thailand) Co., Ltd
• Yasuhiko Yurimoto, founder and CEO at Global Brain (GB)
• Yuji Horiguchi, CEO at IMJ Investment Partners

• Akio Tanaka, co-founder and managing partner, Infinity Venture Partners

15.25 — 15.40 | Keynote: Japan and worldwide app trends (JP)

Speaker: Yuji Kuwamizu, GM, Japan at App Annie

15.40 — 15.55| Break and Networking

If you’re too busy to help those around you succeed, you’re too busy.

15.55 — 16.10 | Keynote: Key lessons learned when investing across Asia (EN)

Speaker: Tetsuya “Terry” Hayashiguchi, senior vice president, CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. (CAV)

16.10 — 16.40 | Discussion: How can Japanese telcos help (or kill) startups in Asia (JP)

• Tomohiro Ebata, Director of KDDI open innovation fund (VC)
• Yuichi Kimura, Director of NTT DOCOMO Ventures

Moderator: Takeshi Ebihara, founding general partner at Rebright Partners

16.40 — 16.55 | Keynote: Why is Indonesia the next big thing (JP)

Speaker: Takeshi Ebihara, founding general partner at Rebright Partners

16.55 — 17.35 | Discussion: The startup investment climate in Southeast Asia (EN)

• Amit Anand, Founder and managing partner, Jungle Ventures
• Dmitry Levit, General partner at Digital Media Partners
• Kuo-Yi Lim, Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures
• Saemin Ahn, Managing partner, Rakuten Ventures

• Vinnie Lauria, Founding partner, Golden Gate Ventures

17.35 — 17.40 | End of day one address

But the networking goes on!


08.20 — 09.20 | Registration and Networking

Be early for day 2!

09.20 — 09.30 | Keynote: Supporting the startup boom in Japan (JP)

Speaker: Yoshiaki Ishii, Director for New Business Policy Office at Ministry Of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

09.30 — 09.45 | Keynote: How entrepreneurs can help Japan to remain competitive (JP)

Speaker: Taizo Son, CEO at MOVIDA JAPAN

09.45 — 10.25 | Discussion: How can Japan and US top accelerators embrace Asia (EN)

• Dave McClure, founding partner at 500 Startups
• Kevin Hale, Partner at Y Combinator
• Taizo Son, CEO at MOVIDA JAPAN

• Hiro Maeda, Managing partner at BEENOS

10.25 — 10.45 | Break and Networking

It’s time to put your business cards into action.

10.45 — 11.15 | Fireside chat: The future of tech entrepreneurship in Japan (EN)

• Daniel Saito, VP – Sales & International Growth at FlyData
• William Saito, Special Advisor – Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

Interviewer: J.T. Quigley, editor, Tech in Asia

11.15 — 11.30 | Asia startup showcase: BizReach (JP)

Founder: Swimmy Minami
Founded: 2009
Brief: Japan’s largest subscription-based job site focused on executives and business professionals.
Headquarter: Shibuya, Tokyo
Investor: JAFCO
Capital raised: $2 million

Besides BizReach, Inc., Mr. Minami also founded LUXA, Inc. a Japanese discovery e-commerce site which raised over $13 million from JAFCO and Global Brain.

11.30 — 11.45 | Asia startup showcase: Ookbee (EN)

Founder: Moo Natavudh
Founded: 2011
Brief: Ookbee is the largest e-bookstore in Southeast Asia with over 5 million users every month.
Headquarter: Bangkok, Thailand
Investors: Transcosmos, In Touch
Capital raised: $9+ million

11.45— 12.15 | Fireside chat: GREE's challenges and its future ahead (JP)

Speaker: Yoshikazu Tanaka, CEO and founder at GREE

Interviewer: David Corbin, reporter, Tech in Asia

12.15 — 12.30 | Keynote: Why I chose to move to Singapore (JP)

Speaker: Masahiko Honma, co-founder and General Partner, Incubate Fund

12.30 — 13.45 | Lunch and Networking

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

13.45 — 14.15 | Fireside chat: The founding story of Zendesk: From zero to IPO (EN)

Speaker: Mikkel Svane, CEO and founder at Zendesk

Interviewer: Anh-Minh Do, Managing Editor, Vietnam

14.15 — 14.55 | Discussion: Is a startup bubble brewing in Japan? (JP)

• Daisuke Sasaki, CEO and co-founder at freee.
• Kensuke Furukawa, CEO and founder at nanapi
• Masashi Kobayashi, Co-founder and managing partner, Infinity Venture Partners
• Shinichi Takamiya, Chief Strategy Officer at Globis Capital

Moderator: Masahiko Honma, co-founder and General Partner, Incubate Fund

14.55 — 15.25 | Fireside chat: The Adways story: From a high school dropout to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur (JP)

Speaker: Haruhisa Okamura, founder and CEO at Adways Inc.

Interviewer: Yoichi Shinohara, Editor-In-Chief, Nikkei Business Daily (Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun)

15.25 — 15.40 | Keynote: Tech in Thailand: it's worth your time (EN)

Speaker: Paul Srivorakul, co-founder and executive chairman, Ardent Capital

15.40 — 15.55 | Keynote: 10 tactics that may improve your app engagement today (EN)

Speaker: Yasuo Sato, Japan County Manager, 5Rocks, Inc.

15.55 — 16.10 | Break and Networking

Probably your last chance to network, go get them!

16.10 — 17.30 | Arena battle - Growth stage startup pitching competition (JP & EN)

8 growth stage startups handpicked across Asia will battle on stage for glory and investors’ attention.

• David Milstein, Head of Japan, Fidelity Growth Partners JAPAN
• Shinji Asada, Director, Itochu Technology Ventures
• Taka Hasunuma, Vice President, Recruit Strategic Partners
• Yasuhiko Yurimoto, founder and CEO at Global Brain (GB)

17.30 — 17.45 | Keynote: How to build an amazing startup (EN)

Speaker: Kevin Hale, partner at Y Combinator

17.45 — 18.00 | End of Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 (EN)

Arena winner announcement and closing address

Note: Depending on speakers’ availability, the agenda might change without prior notice.

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