Office Hour

In addition to Startup Investor Speed Dating, Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 will also provide, for the first time, an outlet for startups to pursue partnerships opportunities. ‘Office Hour’ will connect startups with a variety of potential partners, ranging from incubators to large-scale traditional companies. Landing face-to-face meetings with these kinds of firms can be a challenge – get the ball rolling at ‘Office Hour.’

Participating Companies Schedule

Digital Media Partners
Millennial Media
Y Combinator



10.30 - 12.00 | Microsoft Ventures (JP)

Who do we want to meet?: Startups, Investors

As a leading technology company, Microsoft Ventures can help startup and startup ecosystem in many ways.

For Startups:
– Free cloud infrastracture for startups (up to about 50,000 USD / year)
– Opportunities to meet up enterprise customers
– Expanding your business to overseas with global Microsoft Ventures network (Seattle, London, Tel Aviv, Paris, Berlin, Bangalore, Beijing, and others)

For Investors:
– Introducing technology-based startups (mainly seed and early stage)
– Matching software developers to your startups
– Technical consulting

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13.00 - 14.30 | Millennial Media (JP)

Millennial Media provides self-service advertising and monetization solutions for both developers & advertisers. Looking for partners of all sizes, across all operating systems, from the smallest developer to the largest media partner.

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14.30 - 16.00 | SoftLayer (EN)

Who do we want to meet?Startups, Developers

I represent the Softlayer Catalyst program. Catalyst is a startup incubator hub specially designed for entrepreneurs and developers looking to leverage all the benefits of the cloud. The program offers
Free Infrastructure – a $1000 credit each month, good for any SoftLayer server or service and Mentoring from industry veterans.

I am looking for new Catalyst members and to help startups kick-start their business.

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16.00 - 17.30 | Credit Saison (JP)

One of Japan’s premier non-banking financial companies, operating primarily in the credit card industry with over 25 million customers between major “SAISON” and “UC” brands. Currently expanding into net and finance business operations.

We look for:
Companies that develop businesses in the BtoC and BtoB domain, especially commerce or FinTech. For example, economics, EC, PMF, remittance, and CLO.

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10.30 - 12.00 | Rakuten (JP,EN)

Who do we want to meet? : Startups, Developers

For startups:

– Keen to meet startups that’s looking to go international.
– Interested to work with Rakuten
– Looking for startups that’s looking for someone to give advice or feedback.

For developers:
– Looking for dotnet developers

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13.00 - 14.30 | Y Combinator (EN)

Who do we want to meet?: Startups, Corporate Companies, Developers

For Startups and Developers: Happy to evaluate ideas, products, designs and trouble shoot problems..

My expertise:

Interface Design
Product Development
Customer Support
Marketing / Copywriting
Company Culture
Freemium / SaaS

Welcome to meet corporate companies who wish to collaborate.

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14.30 - 16.00 | Digital Media Partners (EN)

Who do we want to meet?: Corporate Companies

Dmitry is part of the team behind Digital Media Partners (DMP, He will talk you through the challenges of entering Southeast Asia’s markets in your particular vertical and help you resolve some by introducing you to companies and experts from within DMP network in Southeast Asia which includes:

– Key market entry partners such as:

* region’s premier mobile game & content publishing platform (
* region’s leading payment processing and collection company (
* region’s leading advertising technology and services suite (
* region’s leading ancillary travel inventory distributor (
…and more!

– 2,000+ digital technology professionals employed by DMP portfolio companies across 8 countries in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Singapore)

– dozens of multi-year trusted relationships with country and vertical experts across Southeast Asia

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16.00 - 17.30 | TBC

More details to come.

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